Headshot Photographer

Headshot photographer David Lee :- I take headshots in a varity of styles and looks to suit your needs. I’m happy to come to your office, home or location, or you can come to my studio. Weather you’re a model, dancer,actor or performer of maybe you are an entrapranure or a multi employee business. I will work with you to capture what you are looking for. Looking for some social headshots for linkedin or website team page, no problem. looking to add add some drmtaic or commercial headhsots to your actor portfolio, give me a call.

With a selection of different colours and textures backdrops to match your clothes, hair and look, and a vast array of lighting modifiers to capture your facial features just how you want, you won’t find a bettter photograher for avarity of looks from one studio session.

I also try to keep the real essence of you in your headshot photograph. I only edit the lighting not you. I.E. I don’t do a lot of retouching. Your image needs to look like you when you enter the room, especialy so with models & actors where your face is of the primary initial reasons for the call back or audition. Obviously if you have a blemish or a spot appears on the day of the shoot, no problem. I can edit those nasties away. But permanent scars etc, that’s what makes you you and unique.

Professional headshots for your CV or social media, actors, models, dancers, corporate. Whatever your need for your headshots, get in touch so we can start showing everyone how good you really are!