White Shirt Sessions

White shirt sessions was an idea I had as it’s classic, timeless look and isn’t dependent on age, sex or skin colour. This initially started as a look I wanted to try, as it’s pretty much everywhere. Once I did a couple of shoot, I really liked the look and feel of the images. Simple but so emotive. White shirt is is where it started but it soon evolved. White,grey or black background for starters to keep the focus on the model. Then the white shirt has now evolved too. Now it can be any colour and not just a shirt. Denim jacket, jumpers, shirts, cardigans doesn’t matter. Different lighting set-ups as well. From small softboxs to a very large bespoke box I use. Different looks with different models just means its a continuous evolving project.

Sometimes the models use some bits of clothing I have in the studio for their white shirt sessions. I do encourage them to bring their own as this makes the images unique for them. The same will go for posing. For me, i’ll give them some ideas before we start shooting, but the actual image captured is the model do things in their own way. Drifting from pose to pose, rather than specifically posed and captured. Again a little more uniqueness and more natural for each model.

White Shirt Sessions Inspiration

After finding the style and falling in love with it, i found this photographer Peter Coulson, not only did he have a you-tube on how he shoots, which was great for budding photographer like me. He also got me in the less technical side of taking photo and more on the how it feels. I highly recommend you give this man a little of time even if it’s just for something you’d like to shoot with me. One thing I’ve tried to do from day one, is to understand how someone does something, but I don’t want to know ‘exactly’ how they did it. I need to figure that bit out myself, so even inspired images are mine and not complete copies. Anyway this is Peters Website  – Peter Coulson

Anyway I hope you like, and I hope you keep coming back to see how it evolves and who I add. If you’d like to bring something to this project please let me know. I am always happy to collaborate with people who want to work with me.