About Manchester photographer David Lee

Manchester Photographer David Lee

Manchester Photographer David Lee

Manchester photographer Dvid Lee here and I’d like to welcome you to my little corner of the photography world.

I’m the wrong side of 50 so my body says, but my head & heart tells me otherwise. I love music, movies & coffee (hard to find a tog who doesn’t like coffee… ) Music all over the place, same with movies, as long as it’s good I’ll give it a watch or a listen! I’m a southerner up north, married 26yrs at time of writing (just in case the Mrs finds this page and I haven’t updated it) 2 boys old enough to not be called childeren, where does the time go….

Photography wise I’m into capturing you. Sounds bit vaugue and sycophantic but I love capturing faces and people in different ways. Weather thats for headshots, portraits or portfolios. I might askyou to turn your head to the left, like I do to everyone, but only you can turn your head the way you turn your head. That it was makes it so exciting. I don’t do exact posing, I want you to bring what only you can bring to the shoot so I capture it. It makes the images of you all the more natural and unique.

Photography mentors include Lyndsay Adler, Joel Grimes, Daniel Norton, Peter Coulson & Nathan Elson. But I just love shooting, learning & growing. Famous photographers I love include Bill Brandt – especially his art nude series (weird & wide angles, odd perspectives etc) David Bailey, Andy Grotts, Mark Mann. I just need someone famous to sit for me now – hahah.

I’m chilled and easy going, but that doesn’t stop me from being focused on set. We will have smiles and laughs but we will also make some great images. I won’t loose site of the goal of the shoot! So if you havn’t had a look through this site, please do so, and then hopefully you’ll feel inspired to get in touch, and I really look forward to hearing from you.

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