Somethings to think about for your headshot session
Manchester Headshot Photographer David Lee - semi Serious Face

So in this blog post I’ll give you lots to think about in regards to how you position yourself and look – not including clothing. I’ll save that for another blog post as it can be quite in depth.

This is more about postioning, and that includes, you, your hair and where you are in the photograph.

What do you need your headshot for ?

For the sake of todays headshot information we’ll work on the premise you are after a company or corporate headshot. And a lot of the choices I’m going to go over today are based more on that aspect.

Where do i need to be in the headshot photograph?

Now it may be that you need images of your employees to display on your website, employee wall/web page for example, so you’ll need them all in the same postion with the same look, possibly all central in the image. But then ask yourself, do just need the headshot image itself or will you or your team be having information written on the image as well. If you are, then maybe you need staff member postioned to the left or the right of the frame to allow text to be added by your marketting team etc a later date. One of those things that if I know in advance it can save you money for re-shoots or graphic design costs at a later date.

Do you want a cropped headshot?

Do you want a whole head or a cropped head for your headshot? Some people prefer a cropped head for a tighter image of the face. I tend to shoot to capture the whole head so it can cropped at a later stage if you prefer, but you can be photographed with it the image cropped for a better overall look, but obviously, we can’t go whole if we haven’t got it later on.

Where do I put my hair for my headshot?

Bold & short haired people like myself won’t have this probelm so much, but if you have long hair it will lead to a bit of a dilema. Best advice I can give is to have a try at home or at the office first so you have an idea for the headshot session. If you are having your own session you can try on the day, see what look best, but if you’re only having a short session or it’s part of a larger group shoot, then time might be of the essence.  I have included a couple of variaties in the selection below. Hair behind the shoulders, slick back to the head, over one shoulder and over both shoulder for a little of a visual selection. See what works for you as an individual and what type of look you are trying to portray.

Should I smile or not for my headshot?

Again personal preferrence in regards to what Image or feeling you are trying to convay to your customers or casting director. On here I have a few different facial expressions from fairly serious to big smile. It depends on you, your company or charecter you are trying to portray. If you are divorce laywers having laughing or big smiles might not relay the right image you are looking for.

Soft or hard focus? 

In this instance I’m talking more about the head and face as apposed to the background. Some really like the soft focus with the eys & face in focus but ears, hair going out of focus and looking soft. Others want the full head in focus. This might be a character descion for an actor or the type of business you are portraying.

Final headshot session conclusions

As with most things it’s a personal choice, but hopefully this blog will give you some things to think about, that you may not have considered, to help you get the right headshot images for you and or your company. Remeber the right headshot that portrays you or your company in the right light is invaluble.

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