Some things to think about when considering corporate headshots!

Considering corporate headshots? Just thought I’d add a few ideas with picutres to show you some basic differences to show how alternate poses, crop, hair placement and backgrounds are all you need sometimes to get the right corporate headshot.

Professional headshot background

Now for corporate headshots if you are not having an eviromentel headshot, the colour can be mode important to represent your company. However some clean and simple headshots on a black or white background can be a very simple and versatile way to go.

For example if you have a white or black employes page having a black / white background makes it very easy to add to websites without messing up the look and feel of the website.

As you can see from the 2 images above, simliar pose, similar hair placement, same lighting, just different backgrounds, gives 2 different feels.

The white one blends in to the website, bringing a more natural feel to the flow of the page. Where as the black really pops off the screen bringing your attention to it. There isn’t a right or wrong, it’s a personal preferrance for you, your company and the look and feel you want to convey.

The other thing to bear in mind for corporate headshots is if your marketting material is on one colour background you can easisly add your image to one side, with text/info/offer on the other, making it really essy for your marketing dept to add/overwrite to existing leaflets brouchures etc.

Hair placement for corporate headshots

Don’t go thinking this is primerily for long haired ladies even thoug I’m using this as an example. This comes down to short hair ladies as well as men.

Make sure before your shoot, how you want to have your hair, so it can give the right impression of your company. Having it front of both shoulders might give a softer look than tied back in a pony tail which sometimes can come across a little more serious. Depends on your buisness and you as an idividual as to how soft or severe you want it to portray you.

Business Headshot posing

There are lots of different nuances to poses so once again this guide is more of something to think about rather than every headhsot for your company has to be identical. From straight on, to side on and head turned. And different people will suit different poses for their headshots. But from a very simplistic level we have these.

as mentioned I’m am simpling the process but just something for you to think about. You might want everyone front and center so everyone is uniform when everyone is on the same webpage, but adding a little side twist, just hepls bring a little bit of individuality to the headshot image.

The crop of the corporate headshot

You might prefer a close up and tight crop or a little lower and looser feel to the image. Again this personal choice that best represents you and your company best.

The corporate headshot is usually anywhere from the waist up, and again determind by the look and feel you want to portray to your clients. So you can go from half portrait to literelly head shot. You migth have a lot of employes and faces are the most important so you everything cropped. or you might prefer the image with a little of space to let the image ‘breathe’ a little, ideal for employess with individual pages.

Corporate headshot ideas

So this post is just to share some ideas and to think about a few different things before you book your headshot session. Get it right the 1st time, right colours, hairs, pose and crop to represent you and your company and they will add to your corporate message. Get it wrong and you’ll be re-doing before the year is over. Nothing above is a strict do this or that, more of things to consider that represents your company.

Please be aware of not mistaking corporate portraits which are usually 3/4 to full length. These again can be in front of a colour background but usually are enviromental, whether thats an office, warehouse, depot etc.

If you’d like to discuss your company headshot session, please do get in touch, love to chat. Whether that’s in my studio, your premises/location, I look forward to hearing from you,

David Lee.

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