Marriott Hotel - Worsley

                                              WEDDING VENUE

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    The Marriott Hotel Worsley has the great benifit for a Wedding Venue of a room devider so you can have your meal in one section, and the Weddng DJ can set-up in a seperate section. This means I won't cause you any interferance while I set-up, but it means I am ready to party as soon as you are, which makes it an ideal Wedding Venue.

      Here are a couple of sets of photo's from Marriott Hotel - Worsley in the same room. Just to show how different people can still enjoy their day with different set-ups. Because to me it's all about getting what you want just right.

                                         Cheshire 80's Night DJ

     The first set was for a couple who wanted a more simple, not too imposing set-up, who wanted just enough lighting to light up the 'party' end of the room, and sound to fill the dance floor only, so people can sit and chat in the same room, even though there was an external room.

     The 2nd couple wanted a more 'club' feel to the disco, with the emphasis more on a big light show. Now because there is a separate bar area for people to chat in, again this worked very well.

    With both wedding parties having a great night from start to finish, which shows as long you think about your different options and the guests attending, you will have a great party which ever way you want to do it!

Please note that over the year my equpiment has evolved and I no longer have the exact match for DJ SET 1 OR 2. I do have alterative set-ups that can used, so please just let me know.

                                                Cheshire 80's Night DJ

Wedding DJ Set 1

Marriott Hotel Worsley, small set up +  Venue lighting  Marriott Hotel Worsley, small set up + venue lighting,

Marriott Hotel Worsley, bride and grooms first dance  Marriott Hotel Worsley, everyone dancing the night away

Marriott Hotel Worsley, party is going strong here  Marriott Hotel Worsley, bride dancing with her mother and mother in-law


                                                  Cheshire 80's Night DJ

Wedding DJ Set 2

Marriott Hotel Worsley, disco lights on white dance floor  Marriott Hotel Worsley, couples gettign up for some slow moves

Marriott Hotel Worsley, low fog and starlit floor to good effect here  Marriott Hotel Worsley, bigger set-up lighting and sound, again as requested

This next set of pictures is from May 2010, English and Ukrainian nationalities which meant I was witness to some fantastci dancing before the party, along with a band before the disco etc. again  a great night entertainment with lots of people daning until 12 when the groom asked if I could play on till 1. I due fully obligied.

                                          Cheshire 80's Night DJ

The Marriott Hotel, Worsley

Wosrley Marriott Wedding DJ

Wedding at The Marriott Hotel Worsley

The Marriott Hotel Worsley wedding

Wedding party at The Marriott Hotel Worsley

The Marriott Hotel Worsley DJ

Wedding DJ AT The Marriott Hotel Worsley

The Marriott Hotel Worsley Disco

Worsley Wedding DJ

Manchester Wedding DJ Worsley

Lancashire Wedding DJ Worsley

                                                     Cheshire 80's Night DJ

This next set was in March 2013 4 Disco light set-up along with Purple Full Room Venue lighting...

   Manchester uplighting on Purpleuplighting in manchester on Purple

   Worsley Marriott uplighhtinguplighting in Manchester

 Wedding DJ Manchester   manchester wedding DJ

 Ellesmere Wedding DJ   Ellesmere wedding DJ

 Wedding DJ Ellesmere   Wedding DJ iN Manchester

 Worsley Wedding DJ   Wedding DJ Worsley

  Manchester Wedding DJ

                                                  Cheshire 80's Night DJ

This Next Set is from April 2013, again full venue uplighting but more on a pinkish shade....

First one of the wedding cake....

                            Worsley Marriott Wedding

       Pink uplighting in Manchester

        Manchester Uplighting on Pink

       Wedding DJ

       North West Wedding DJ

       Worsley Marriott wedding

       Manchester wedding DJ

       Manchester Bride Dancing

       Lancashire Wedding DJ

       The Best Wedding DJ

       Marriott wedding DJ

       Wedding DJ and uplighting in Manchester

      Wedding DJ and uplighting at Worsley Marriott

      The Lancashire Wedding DJ

                             The Manchester Wedding DJ


If you would like to see me in the Terrace Suite at the Marriott Hotel Worsley, then please click Here

Allways had great nights at The Marriott Hotel in Worsley, and always look forward to returning.

                                    Cheshire 80's Night DJ


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