The White Hart Inn

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                                         With venue Up-lighting


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 Here we have a selection pictures showing the venue up-lighting service I offer in both the oak room, and the restaurant, which was used as the evening reception area for the disco as well. I hope they portray what a difference the venue up-lighting can make to the atmosphere of any room, big or small.

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           White hart,oak room with Mini venue lighting option   oak room at the white hart, lydgate with the mini venue lighting option.

 Mini venue lighting option in green at white hart uplighting at white hart oldhamred venue up lighting at white hart, lydgate.up lighting the venue in blue at the white hart, saddleworth.

White hart, lydgate with full venue lighting in purple...   purple venue uplighting at white hart, lydgate

purple venue up-lighting   venue up-lighting in purple


In this set below, I had set-up the disco stand as the information had received indicated that the venue were going to remove some more tables when the wedding breakfast came into the room form their meal. As it happens (and these things do happen from time to time) this wasn't the case, so I had to adapt and relocate my set-up hen in the pictures with pink venue lighting below, you'll notice the different positioning of me. Not the end of the world, but because I could move, and did, it meant we had a larger dancing area which as you can see from the pictures, was most defiantly needed.

The brides choice colour was pink, which we had set for their entrance and first dance, then we placed the up lighting onto my pre-programmed colour scroll. This left like this throughout the night until the last song, where it was placed onto to pink again.

       pink unlighting in white hart restaraunt with dj set-uppink venue lighting at white hart restaraunt with alternative disco set-up

      venue lighting in orange at white hart, restarauntgreen uplighting in the restaraunt at the white hart

      blue venue lighting at the white hart restarauntWhite hart restaraunt, venue up-lighting in pink

  Bride and groom dancing at the white venue lighting at the white hart restarauntbride and groom at the end of the night, white hart restaraunt with pink uplighting.

    First dance at the white hart restaraunt   Bride and her hens dancing the night away at the white hart

    Orange uplighting with everyone dancing   the bride dancing at the white hart

    bride and groom dancing during the night   more dancing at the white hart, with orange venue lighting

    Back to pink uplighting for the bride and grooms final dance of the night   bride reaching for the stars with the help of her new husband, during the finale song.


Please check out my new mobile friendly website for this wedding venue - White Hart Wedding DJ


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