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                                                     Mini venue lighting Package


This is the most popular venue lighting package I offer. Usually this is to cover the dance floor on 3 sides enveloping the area in the chosen colour to really set the mood.

These venue lights can be programmed to a specific colour, again ideal for first dances at weddings, it really helps create that special moment with loads of disco lights flashing around. Later on they can be put on either a sound to light, fast colour fade, slow colour fade, or just left on the chosen colour for the night. This really helps create the right mood, whether you are on a budget and want something different or you only want part of the venue to covered in colour this really an impact on your day.

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Below are just a few examples of the Mini venue lighting package in act ion......  

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Venue lighting in a marqueepink venue lighting in a marquee


Pink venue lighting in Haigh hallgreen venue lighting in Haigh ha


Purple venue lighting at Arley Hallpink venue lighting at Arley HallTeal venue lighting at Arley Hall


Purple venue lighting at Mottram HallPink venue lighting at Mottram Hall


Piink venue lighting at Meols HallBlue venue lighting at Meols Hall


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Meols hall venue lighting example. ..

The first picture is of the end of the room that doesn't have the venue lighting in, where as the 2nd picture does. As you can see even with the venue lights on the venue lighting really makes a difference.

No Venue lighting at Meols hallVenue lighting on at Meols hall


Mere Court house has a long dance floor so in these pictures you can see that even thou the venue lighting is essentially all at one end of the room, it really helps keep the atmosphere softer, and in this case the brides colour of choice was Teal, so the venue lights were left on this colour all night.

venue lights on teal at mere court hotelvenue lights on teal at Mere Court Hotel

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