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                                                        Full Room venue lighting


The full room Venue Lighting really makes an impact, this certainly give you the WOW factor!!!

These can be put on set colour to match your colour scheme or they can be put on slowly, softly, changing colour scroll, so it softly and subtly changes colour without people realising it.  Either way it helps create the right atmosphere and ambiance without being in 'peoples faces'. Placed along walls, behind greenery, around fire places, they really can complete the room.

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Some people use them to complement the table decorations and chair covers, other don't want the chair covers and see these as better priced, better looking, and better service as the price is usually the same or cheaper than the chair covers. It's your call on weather you want to compliment or contrast the colours.

All full venue lighting packages are subject to a site survey due to size, doorways, and to see if the venue lighting can actually be of any benefit to you. As the full room venue lighting package is installed early in the day, in the wrong kind of room some times the effect isn't as great as you'd like, whether it's down to the the colour on the walls, or big wide windows with no curtains etc, so rather than take the job and go with it regardless, i'll give you an honest assessment of what they will be like. I can even bring a few lights with me to give you an idea of how effective they are going to be, and to choose a colour!

My new Lighting by David Lee site is now up and running and showcases my lighting lot better. PLease click through and if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch, now, on with the photo' s.......

Lighting by David Lee

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red venue lighting AT Chill factorPurple venue lighting at village hotel cheadle

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Purple venue lighting at village hotel cheadlePurple venue lighting at village hotel cheadle

Blue venue lighting at cheadle schoolblue venue lighting at cheadle school

pink venue lighting at cheadle schoolPink venue lighting at park royal hotel

blue Venue lighting at the park Royalred and blue venue lighting at park royal hotel

                                       pink venue lighting at clough manor


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