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At this wedding at Shrigley Hall in December 2012, I was booked for up-lighting and wedding DJ Services. The Up-lighting was requested as a softer red.

I set-up the up-lighters in the morning, and turned them on in the evening to give all the guests a sense of ooohh. I had a play-list or aproximately 20 or so songs from the online account, and with the requests taken on the night a truly great night was had.

                                             Cheshire 80's Night DJ


    Shrigley Hall Tilden Suite

                            Shrigley hall Wedding DJ

                   Cheshire DJ and Disco

    Shrigley Hall Wedding DJ

  DJ at Shrigley Hall   Wedding DJ Cheshire

   Wedding at Shrigley Hall

                                Cheshire Wedding DJ


                                         Cheshire 80's Night DJ

This wedding at Shrigley Hall in 2012 was just for the up-lighting in Red in the Tilden Suite. It's a bit strong for some peoples tastes but it was just what the bride & groom asked for..

      Shrigley Hall Up-lighting

      Mood Lighting at Shrigley Hall

  Tilden Suite Up-lighting Cheshire Cheshire Up-lighting Cheshire Up-lighting Shrigley Hall

                                                     Cheshire 80's Night DJ

Shrigley Hall Is set deep in the country side at Pott Shrigley, Macclesfield, Cheshire, and has sprawling wonderful views and one of the more unique wedding venue rooms I've seen in The Tilden Suite. This room has 3 arched alcoves plus a domed roof, with beautiful 18th century shaped windows.

                                  Shrigley hall wit Purple venue up lighting

When I was booked here I was bringing my venue lighting, Background P.A. for speeches, as well as the Disco. I set-up everything in the morning including the disco as there was a curtain to cover the alcove in which this was set-up.

As it is a large room along with the High ceiling a little bit of sound reinforcement was needed for the speeches. So I added just the 1 speaker at the back of the room and directed it across the guests so everyone could hear the special words.

                                             Cheshire 80's Night DJ


The venue lighting was set to purple as per the Bride and Grooms request with the alcove where the buffet to be served in green, as they added some foliage to make it more of a woodland theme area, to go along with their theme for the day. All the tables were named after famous woods and forests like 100 acre wood, etc. Personally I think the contrast colour was spectacular and with the alcoves dome really working a treat. The request was that to have the lights of during the reception and the meal, so that when the guests returned to the main room, after the venue had turned the room around, it created a bigger impact, and that it did. It really created the WOW Factor!!!!!

    shrigley hall wit green venue up lighting    purple an dgreen venue up lighting at shrigley hall

                                               shrigley hall with venue up lighting

      shrigley hall with hearts disco and venue up lighting   purple venue uplighting at shrigley hall


                                                     Cheshire 80's Night DJ

The bride had also requested a bubble machine which was used for the first dance to great effect and was loved by the children young and old if you know what I mean!!!.

I had received a play list before hand with roughly 40 songs on, which I played along with some other requests on the night and everyone had a great night. The disco set-up on this occasion was just to fill the dance floor with sound and light not the room, as per the wedding couples request, and everyone had great night.

                          wedding dance with bubbles at shrigley hall

   wedding disco with up lighting at shrigley hall   wedding disco at shrigley hall

   wedding dj with up lighting at shrigley hall   wedding dj with up lighting and bubbles at shrigley hall


                                                     Cheshire 80's Night DJ

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