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    Here at Clough Manor , in Saddleworth, Lancashire, I was hired just for the Venue Lighting where the request was for a purple to match the room decor before the party then to switch over to a gentle colour scroll when the party started. This was for a 40th Birthday party but hopefully you'll be able to see how it can enhance the room whatever your party is, A wedding, birthday, charity event, christmas party.

     You can see from the before and after pictures at the Clough Manor, you can get a feel for the difference this kind of lighting can add to your event. Even though, to be fair, the pictures still do not do the venue lighting justice!!!

                                                    Clough Manor Wedding DJ

                           Clugh Manor with Purple venue up-lighting


             Before                                                   And                                                   After

              clough manor, before switching on the venue lighting  clough manor, venue lighting on purple as requested

              clough manor, venue lighting colour scroll  clough manor, venue lighting colour scroll


                                                   Clough Manor Wedding DJ

And on this occasion at the Clough Manor, the client wanted the up-lighting on pink, and to stay on pink all night. What I also did was set up lights behind the room divider so after the meal the whole room was still lit by the up lighting. Other colours available!!!!!


                      Pink Up-lighting at Clough Manor

                      venue lighting in Pink at Clough Manor

                      up-lighting the clough manor in pink


                                              Clough Manor Wedding DJ

As mentioned, on this occasion at Clough Manor the client decided on Pink up-lighting, and event thou the mood lighting made the room very pink, it wasn't quite how it appears in the photo! Remember you cam have your room your colour for your wedding at the Clough Manor.


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